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FREE!! Learn This One Powerful Technique How to Improve Your Resilience and Wellbeing in Just 45 Minutes 

The Secret To Thriving In Times Of Change Is To Become More Mentally And Emotionally Conscious!!


18:30 - 19:15 Thursday, 28th October

We know the feelings of high stress, overwhelm or the unpleasant thoughts that we can’t manage our current situation are all connected to a sense of lack of control. It is this perceived thinking that can lead us to feel negative, fed up and deprive us of happiness, joy or simply feeling good.

Naturally we can’t possibly control every situation in the ’outer' world as recent global events have shown. However, resilient-minded people can bounce back through adversity and maintain healthy wellbeing no matter what. The secret lies with how they train their brain and 'inner world’ The good news is we can learn to become more resilient and it’s actually much more simple than you think if you use the right techniques!

By attending your COMPLIMENTARY session you will experience how to manage your stress levels in an instant, take that all important time off the ‘Busy Wheel of Life’ and reset your mind to feel in more personal control.


The world has changed significantly and as a result, mental wellbeing is finally being recognised for how critical it is for people to function and thrive. Our personal ability to destress and bounce back through adversity no matter what, is how individuals, organisations and societies will flourish.

WHY This?

5 reasons to book your FREE LIVE Conscious Relaxation Method session…...

  • Learn how to reduce your stress and deeply relax so you can enjoy every second of your life without worrying.

  • Lower your blood pressure and toss out hypertension 

  • Boost your immunity 

  • Have a more calm and positive attitude so you don’t throw temper tantrum on you spouses or children

  •  Gain clarity and focus so you feel energetic on work and give your 100% on the task you need to acomplish

(Mary McLaughlin) photo of her and her cat ‘Betty’ enjoying the session.

Why Now?

We are over the moon with the amazing feedback from our clients...

"The session gave us time to decompress, focus on yourself, slow down and be present”
- Carole Noble
(HR Director)
"Felt relaxed almost immediately and zoned out of current stresses quickly. Great to get some planned time in my day to de-stress”
- Jane Thompson
(Research and Impact Manager)
"Good to take time out to recharge and refocus”
- Pete Kent
(Programme Director)
"I especially liked the energising and resetting part of the session at the end to help set me up for a productive afternoon"
- Mary McLaughlin
(Corporate Partnerships Manager )
"More focussed after the 30 min session and my headache has gone! Feel more set up for the rest of the day"
- Zenobia Talati
(Project Worker)
“I think the session genuinely is fantastic. A rare opportunity to really focus on myself and how I am currently feeling."
Dave Ellis
(Corporate Partnerships Manager)

Book Your Seat before we reach the limit and the offer is gone!!!


Why Me?

Tianne Croshaw is a Stress Management Consultant, Clinical Master Hypnotherapist, founder of the Resilience Wellbeing Partnership and author.

During the latest lockdowns, Tianne noticed how stress levels, feelings of overwhelm  and lethargy in her corporate and private clients were on a massive increase. She also noticed something which is very understandable…. Many people were becoming much more REACTIVE under high pressure rather than having a  PROACTIVE way of thinking and behaving.

Having spent over thirty years in the field of the mind on her own personal development journey, Tianne decided that it was time to put all her knowledge and experience together to help people train their brains to stay calm, together and to be proactive. “My method had to be simple, effective, convenient and SUSTAINABLE” says Tianne.  So she created the Conscious Relaxation Method (CRM) which uses a blend of breath work, being present, mental picturing and techniques from self-hypnosis.

Tianne then set about piloting her method with an organisation who were blown away by how easy it was to ‘park’ their working day so far, and become more relaxed and focussed.
She is passionate about sharing her simple tools, techniques and strategies to help as many people globally as possible so they can thrive in their work and home life. This is why Tianne is sharing this COMPLIMENTARY LIVE, (not pre-recorded) session with you so you get to experience yourself, the power of taking back mental control of your wellbeing and mindset.

Book Your Seat before we reach the limit and the offer is gone!!!


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