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Did you know?

  • That as many as one in four of your employees may be suffering with stress, anxiety and depression at any one time?
  • And that this is now the number one reason for absenteeism in the UK?
  •  The average cost to any business of just one employee taking time off is £1035 per year? (source: AXA ppp healthcare)

These are sad, sobering statistics, and ones that organisations can no longer afford to ignore. Why? There’s the human factor and associated duty of care of course, and then there’s the effect on business operations and the bottom line.

Sounding familiar? Talk to us about our solutions, that can address both the human factor and deliver significant cost savings.

we took one organisation’s high rate of stress and anxiety-related absenteeism from 8% to 0.2% for five consecutive years.

Reducing stress and increasing resilience

Our solutions are specifically tailored to suit your needs, and they work best when people at all levels of your organisation are included.

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Reducing stress and increasing resilience
during periods of high change

As thought leaders in our field, we draw on contemporary research into stress, resilience, neuroscience and other coaching tools to provide practical, accessible support where you need it most. It’s a proactive, preventative approach to workplace resilience; delivering support to organisations and their employees so that they have the emotional strength and resilience to deal with stress before it’s too late.

Our solutions are specifically tailored to suit your needs, and they work best when people at all levels of your organisation are included. This is why we offer a suite of services that delivers appropriate support and intervention at every level of your business. You can read more about the support available at each level on our
What We Offer page.

What does this mean for
and your organization?

An organisational-wide approach can help you:
Keep your operations running at optimum efficiency. High rates of absence, and of course presenteeism, can have a significant impact on your productivity. And in turn, this can increase stress for those who are required to work at double the speed to compensate for those who are unwell. Our offering can help you to safeguard your business against stress, and all of its associated costs;

Become an employer of choice. All organisations want to attract the best people, and in our experience the best people are those who keep up to date with cultural changes. They know what they want from their employer, and part of that relates to an understanding of the need to protect work-life balance. By investing in our resilience offering, you can demonstrate to your current and prospective employees that you are serious about their place within the organisation, and will do what you can to safeguard their wellbeing;

Benefit from a culture of engaged, happy people. Experience tells us that when people feel that there is support available, and that their wellbeing needs are taken care of, they can begin to perform at their best. Everybody wins.
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