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Online audios and videos for wellbeing and resilience at work

WellBeing At Work

How Food Affects Mood

How can nutrition have such an impact to support resilience of both your body and mind?

Marie Orford, our Resilience and Wellbeing Specialist and senior dietician in the National Health Service explains the key processes you can’t see and feel and more importantly, shares powerful and useful life hacks and tips to make the tiny tweaks in your dietary habits that lead to big healthy changes towards greater wellbeing.

1 Video, 12:21

How Exercise Can Boost Body & Mind

We all know moving our body is good for us but who knew just how connected our mental health is to exercise.

This video by Karl Shirley is packed full of tips and techniques to boost both body and mind health through small habit changes that reap great reward.

Karl Shirley is an ex Senior Leader, ex semi-professional footballer and is now a Mental Health Champion for the charity MIND

1 Video, 15:18

5 Top Tips For Quality Sleep

One of the best things you can ever do to increase your wellbeing is to make sure you get quality sleep.

Dr Sian Rowsell shares her top 5 tips based on current research for a great nights sleep

1 Video, 8:18


Take One

Gift your body and mind just one minute in your day to release physical and mental tension or use between meetings and moments where you haven’t much time .

1 Video, 1:30

Take Two

This video is just two minutes to help you release stress and become more grounded both mentally and physically.

1 Video, 2:15

Take Five

Take Five is a five minute five step process to help reset you for a more positive state of mind.

This guided journey can help you go into your day or evening with a greater sense of control and a more powerful mindset.

1 Video, 5:24

Take Twenty

This deeply relaxing 20 minute guided journey melts away any mental and emotional tension after a hard days work and can also be used to prepare your mind and body for a good nights sleep.

1 Video, 21:16

The Energiser

Created by our Master Hypnotherapist and Resilience Specialist, this 7 minute video is designed to engage your mind visually and through audio to stimulate your senses and burst through lethargy and complacency.

1 Video, 5:26

Evening Wind Down

A great way with regular use, to train your mind to stop for a break at the end of your day and take just 8 minutes to consciously relax your body, mind and emotions and maybe even drift off to sleep.

1 Video, 8:10