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The results of our updated return on investment (ROI) analysis show a complex but positive case for employers to invest in the mental health of their employees, with a return of £5 for every £1 spent (5:1)

~ Deloitte 2020

Is there something missing from your resilience and wellbeing toolkit?

We create bespoke coaching and training programmes for your business, in person or online, only ever in response to what you need.

Our offering includes:

  • Leadership and manager coaching
  • Reducing stress-related absenteeism 
  • Sharing resilience leader excellence practice
  • Boosting team resilience
  • Helping people manage change and uncertainty effectively
  • Having more conscious communication
  • Cultivating resilient mindsets 
  • Embracing a positive culture change
  • Retaining the best talent 
  • Making sure your employees get the tools for excellent wellbeing

Resilience & WellBeing Solution

Specifically crafted for a rapidly evolving world

All the resilience and wellbeing tools you need, without having to leave your desk!

From this programme, the resilience language and techniques have become a part of our culture here at Sanofi Holmes Chapel.

~ Jean Stevenson, Head of Site

At Resilience Wellbeing Partnership, we have been proud to offer wellbeing and resilience services to organisations for over a decade. And during this time, we have witnessed widespread transformation at both a cultural and operational level.

Health and Safety law now states that we need to take care of people within the workplace, however, we believe that we can do much better than that. RWP can help you to build a workplace culture where people not only feel comfortable to grow but where they thrive, bring their best selves and work cohesively together to deliver your organisations’vision. 

Delivering impressive return on investment without losing focus on people… 

  • Evidence-based approaches. Many of our services are built on scientific research and the latest findings and developments in the field of neuroscience. 
  • Interactive participation.Experience has taught us that active and enjoyable participation is the key to systemic change, meaning all workshops are grounded in experiential learning.
  • Lasting change. We have been credited with changing the entire language of stress and resilience across departments, creating a more supportive, productive and positive working culture. 

Let us partner with you to achieve the same.

Our proven track record 

You won’t find another offering like this anywhere else!

Managing Change and Increasing Resilience for Leaders & Managers Programme facilitated by Tianne Croshaw is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about what makes themselves and others tick and how to take care of ourselves and others wellbeing in the workplace.

~ Recipharm People Manager

Ask us how, with a bespoke blend of one-to-one coaching, workshops and resilience focus groups, we take  a struggling organisation from stress and pressure to a thriving culture of productivity and resilience

What we offer: online and in-person choices for an ever-changing world

Need to stay distant? Prefer to learn from your desk? Or fancy some in-person interaction?

We’ve got you covered.

Our state of the art, expertly crafted tools will enable your leadership to create an environment where individuals thrive, even in the most challenging of circumstances. 

We’ve loved creating these tools, and we hope you will love them too. 

What’s more, with RWP, you can benefit from quick wins, as well as longer-term systemic interventions that will boost mind health, resilience and team cohesion across your entire organisation.

Maximise wellbeing and productivity with our comprehensive offerings.

In-person and virtual support:

  • Resilience Diagnostic tool to get to the core of your challenges 
  • Senior Leadership Partnering – getting to the heart of your unique challenges and building a programme of services specific to your needs 
  • Resilience Coaching – one to one coaching with senior leaders and managers to identify individual or team challenges and share The 8 Resilient Insights
  • ‘Resilience Leader Excellence’ programme to fully equip your leaders and managers 
  • ‘Team Time to Align’ mini workshop series to pass on the 8 Insights to your team
  • Sustainability and Engagement Workshops to share how you can keep your people inspired and committed to your organisation
  • Impactful, topical and yet deeply enjoyable. Our videos and audios can be listened to any time of the day to fit in with your schedule. Choose from a growing library of resilience and wellbeing areas:

Online audios and videos for wellbeing and resilience at work: 

  • The StressLess System 
  • Conscious Relaxation
  • Tools to go from Stress to Resilience 
  • Sleep Strategies for Optimal Health and Performance
  • How Food Affects Mood  
  • How Exercise can Boost Body and Mind
  • The Motivator
  • The Energiser                                                    
  • Enhancing Mental Performance 
  • How to Build Up Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Managing Your Mind State 
  • Top Tips for Working Effectively from Home 
  • Leading Virtually
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