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For Our Guests Attending the Free Conscious Relaxation Webinar, We Are Giving a One Time VIP Offer With Amazing Bonuses for an UNBELIEVABLY Low Price for Greater Wellbeing…..

Immediately after your FREE CRM session

19:15 - 20:00 Thursday, 28th October

What Will Our VIP Get?

AN EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY after the session for you and our other VIP guests to ask specific questions, get personalised feedback and other recommended support with our Resilience and Wellbeing Expert Tianne Croshaw. (Creator of the Conscious Relaxation Method)

Valued at

( £497)

Our VIP guests will get backstage passes for an exclusive 45 minute session to talk directly to our Resilient Expert - Tianne Croshaw straight after the initial webinar which means you will be able to discuss with her any blockers or challenges you may personally be having around releasing stress and managing your mindset. OR you may be looking at how you can support others in these areas either at work or at home, so Tianne can discuss a bespoke solution with you and other VIP guests

AND… UNLIMITED ACCESS to 7 of our Wellbeing Videos and audios which will help you in many areas of your wellbeing and resilience …

Valued at

( £29)

  • How Food Effects Mood (£3.99)
  • How Exercise Can Boost Body And Mind  (£3.99)
  • 5 Top Tips For Quality Sleep (£3.99)
  • The Energiser (£3.99)
  • Take Two (£1.99)
  • Take Five (£3.99)
  • Evening Wind Down (£3.99)

All the knowledge and skills Tianne has gained through nearly twenty years of experience working with individuals and organisations, can help you become more resilient and have better wellbeing. Why not have the life you want and dreamed of through great mind health?

If you ACT NOW this offer worth £526 will be yours with the incredible bonuses for just £47. Yes that’s right! For a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can have access directly with Tianne AND the eight wellbeing and relaxation videos. We are passionate about helping you to feel mentally and emotionally strong with great wellbeing.


For just


Don’t miss out.. How many times have you promised yourself to take even better care of your wellbeing and mind state then busy life gets in the way? This is going to be one of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself…

Meet the Creator of Conscious Relaxation Method’

Tianne Croshaw​

Founder and CEO of Resilience Wellbeing Partnership
Tianne Croshaw is a Stress Management Consultant, Clinical Master Hypnotherapist, founder of the Resilience Wellbeing Partnership and author.
During the latest lockdowns, Tianne noticed how stress levels, feelings of overwhelm  and lethargy in her corporate and private clients were on a massive increase. She also noticed something which is very understandable…. Many people were becoming much more REACTIVE under high pressure rather than having a  PROACTIVE way of thinking and behaving.
Having spent over thirty years in the field of the mind on her own personal development journey, Tianne decided that it was time to put all her knowledge and experience together to help people train their brains to stay calm, together and to be proactive. “My method had to be simple, effective, convenient and SUSTAINABLE” says Tianne.  So she created the Conscious Relaxation Method (CRM) which uses a blend of breath work, being present, mental picturing and techniques from self-hypnosis.

 Tianne then set about piloting her method with an organisation who were blown away by how easy it was to ‘park’ their working day so far, and become more relaxed and focussed.

 She is passionate about sharing her simple tools, techniques and strategies to help as many people globally as possible so they can thrive in their work and home life. This is why Tianne is sharing this COMPLIMENTARY LIVE, (not pre-recorded) session with you so you get to experience yourself, the power of taking back mental control of your wellbeing and mindset.

For our complimentary research report

Discover 15 essential characteristics to significantly increase resilience in yourself and others...

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