Resilience Coaching


For one client over 12 months, RWP coaching sessions were cited as the sole reason five people of the manager level chose not to leave the company and instead to work through the challenges.

All five managers are still at the company to date, contributing to greater talent retention, lack of disruption and cost savings relating to recruitment and training.

One of the best courses I have ever attended. The tools are simple, but they really work, and I could use them as soon as I was back in the workplace."

~ Senior Manager of Rail Industry organisation ​

Our leaders and managers regularly let us know that they highly value our coaching programmes, saying that they understand better how to increase personal resilience and teach the tools to their team members.”

The benefits of Resilience Coaching

One-to-one coaching is a core RWP offering for leaders and managers and plays a critical part in the outstanding success of our resilience and wellbeing training.

Coaching offers participants the opportunity to get off the ‘Busy Wheel of Life’ and confidentially explore how to build personal resilience. Coaching can also enable participants to recognise how their impact on others can be profoundly significant. By using our ‘Two Hats’ approach, the leader/manager explores their personal resilience levels, along with the tools, techniques and strategies to be a highly effective leader.

Monthly follow up sessions have an individual focus: the individual can examine where they are and acts as a check-in and opportunity to work on their professional and personal goals, challenges and continued development. It provides structure and accountability and a sounding board to check out ideas or new ways of working with others.

  • A coach can help us realise our goals more quickly than we can by ourselves. Coaching allows us to take back control and purposefully make the changes we want to bring about in our personal and professional lives.
  • Coaching enables us to achieve our full potential by assisting us in identifying and re-assessing our limiting beliefs, confidently using our talents and personal resources to make a difference through the work we do.
  • Coaching guides us to express where and how we want to contribute our talents and values. It helps us position ourselves so that we can achieve our ambitions – and ultimately, our dreams whilst creating a workplace where our team members and other colleagues have a sense of ‘psychological safety.’ What’s more, research demonstrates where employees feel that psychological safety, absenteeism is lowered, and engagement is increase

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