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When your people are resilient, so is your business performance!

Out of all the reasons people were feeling stressed in the workplace in early 2020, ‘the top cause of stress at work was ineffective management style

~ CIPD 2020, Deloitte 2020

RWP supports leaders with effective, proven skills and tools to help their
people and teams flourish

The Solution to Increasing RESILIENCE in Your Workforce is Simple…

Look to your LEADERS.

  • Pre-COVID solutions are no longer working. It’s possible they never did!
    Generic off the shelf wellness and resilience sessions are not enough to deal with the practical and serious issues of employee resilience.
  • Business leaders who struggle with duty of care responsibilities in the area of mental health and wellness at work, risk loss of productivity, employee attrition and potentially costly tribunals.
    Tackling such issues at leadership and systemic levels is the path to true, lasting and sustainable change.
  • RWP works in partnership with your Executive teams to provide Leaders with the necessary training to support your workforce.

“RWP reduced our stress-related absenteeism rates from a considerable 8%, right down to zero for three consecutive years”

~ Jackie Griffiths, Head of Human Resources, Recipharm

It’s quite the understatement to say the working environment has changed dramatically since the start of 2020.

As we begin to adjust to our post-COVID world, RWP have worked to ensure that all of our services be that diagnostic, coaching, resilience and wellbeing programmes or workshops can all be delivered either 100% online or in-person.  

We are here to support your leaders and managers with their resilience skills and wellbeing levels and also how to share the insights, techniques, strategies and life hacks with their teams. Organisations are increasingly aware of the need to support people at all levels of their business more than ever before. We need to keep our bodies well and healthy coupled with a resilient mind set to bounce back unscathed through challenges. A well, resilient workforce is a more engaged, committed and productive workforce that will rise to challenges and improve  profitability which is equally as important in these times.

How can you ensure that happens?

For organisations of all sizes, resilience and wellbeing services have long left the realms of a ‘nice to have’. Despite decades of investment in health and wellbeing services, stress is now more on the increase than ever before.

We have seen with many of our clients that no one has had to adapt more than leaders during 2020 and beyond!

Not only have leaders had to rise to widespread, rapid change, they’ve had to show others how to do this too. It’s an incredible skill, and one that we feel needs nurturing, particularly for those in positions of responsibility for others. 


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