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We understand that the backbone of a thriving organisation lies in its people and their resilience. That’s why we’re proud to offer two distinct levels of resilience coaching designed to empower your organisation and its leaders. 

Whether you’re seeking to enhance the resilience of your leadership team with our Executive Coaching or provide comprehensive support to leaders and managers with our Resilience Coaching, RWP has the expertise and proven scientifically backed methods to help you achieve your organisational goals. 

Read on to discover how our coaching programmes can transform your organisation, fostering a culture of resilience and success from within.


1. Resilience Coaching

Elevate your organisation's success while putting your people first.

One of the best courses I have ever attended. The tools are simple, but they really work, and I could use them as soon as I was back in the workplace.

Elevate your organisation’s success while putting your people first. Our Resilience Coaching is designed specifically for organisations who are dedicated to nurturing success while prioritising their people.

Unlocking Personal Resilience with our state of the art PRI Assessment tool

Our Resilience Coaching programme begins with a holistic assessment, using the highly effective Personal Resilience Indicator (PRI) tool. This cutting-edge tool scientifically measures personal resilience across six domains: Health, Purpose, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Composure, and Relationships. It’s the foundation for a transformative coaching journey.

The results of the PRI assessment will then be used to customise coaching sessions. We help individuals not only identify where they excel but also target their development areas. The PRI will be retaken after coaching to measure progress and observe resilience scores increasing.

Along the way, your organisation will receive accurate Before and After reporting data that clearly shows the benefits and ROI from your coaching initiative.

Check out our Before and After graphics to see how transformative the coaching journey can be.

Pre and Post Team Resilience Results
Pre and Post Team Resilience Results
Pre and Post Team Resilience Results
Pre and Post Team Resilience Results

Building Resilience: The Two Hats Approach

In Resilience Coaching, we adopt a unique “Two Hats” approach. Leaders and managers not only explore their personal resilience levels but also gain invaluable tools, techniques, and strategies to become highly effective leaders. It’s about understanding how personal resilience influences leadership impact.

What’s more, our coaching programme doesn’t stop at assessment; it’s an ongoing journey. Monthly follow-up sessions are personalised, allowing individuals to assess their progress, address challenges, and refine their professional and personal goals. It provides a structured path to accountability and serves as a trusted sounding board for new ideas and approaches.

Accelerate Your Organisation’s Journey with Resilience Coaching 

Resilience Coaching is your organisation’s catalyst for rapid growth. Our coaches help your leaders and managers achieve their personal and professional goals more efficiently than going it alone.

Through coaching, we uncover and challenge limiting beliefs, empowering your best people to confidently leverage their talents and personal resources, and unlock their full potential as a leader.

Shaping a Resilient Workplace

Resilience Coaching doesn’t just impact individuals; it transforms entire workplaces. It brings out the best in leaders who in turn bring out the best in their teams. It also creates a workplace where team members and other colleagues experience ‘psychological safety.’

Empirical Benefits

Research demonstrates that in psychologically safe workplaces, absenteeism decreases, and engagement soars. Resilience Coaching isn’t just an investment in individuals; it’s an investment in your organisation’s thriving future.

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Experience the power of Resilience Coaching with RWP and discover how personal resilience translates into exceptional leadership.

2. Executive Coaching

Unlock Your Leader’s True Potential

RWP reduced our stress-related absenteeism rates from a considerable 8%, right down to zero for three consecutive years

When was the last time your organisation offered your senior leaders the opportunity to pause, reflect, and strategise effectively? Or the chance to experience focused attention from an executive coach who can guide your leaders with insightful questions to envision the bigger picture? 

Consider the difference it could make in your organisation’s leadership if you provided them with the opportunity to tap into this high level support over the next 6 months.


Empower Your Leadership Team

At Resilience Wellbeing Partnership (RWP), we empower high-performing and ambitious organisations like yours to help your senior leaders access, align with, and activate their authentic leadership skills. Our Executive Coaching programme is designed with your organisation’s success in mind, offering a transformative experience that includes six months of dedicated support

It begins with an in-depth Personal Resilience Indicator (PRI) assessment to accurately measure your senior leaders’ personal resilience levels. Through this assessment, they’ll gain insights into their strengths and areas for development across the 6 Domains of Resilience.

The Journey: Month by Month

Month 1 – Receive: Dive into the PRI results, gaining a deep understanding of your senior leaders’ unique strengths and areas that require development.

Months 2-5 – Refocus: Benefit from targeted support tailored to your senior leaders’ development areas, helping them reach their full potential.

Month 6 – Reflect: Revisit the PRI results, reflect on the improvements achieved, and craft a strategic plan for the path ahead.

Along the way, your organisation will receive accurate Before and After reporting data that clearly shows the benefits and ROI from your coaching initiative. 

Designed for Organisational Growth

If your organisation values its senior leaders and their strategic contributions, this programme is tailored precisely for you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Tailored Action Plans. Results from the PRI are individual to each person, and therefore so is the coaching. 
  • A Dynamic Learning Environment: Experience sustained learning and growth for your senior leaders, building on their existing strengths.
  • Enhanced Leadership Impact: Your investment in their development will lead to enhanced decision-making, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills.
  • Transform Insights into Organisational Action: Your senior leaders will turn newfound insights into impactful actions, enhancing your organisation’s overall leadership performance.
  • Frequent Sessions for Progress: With monthly sessions, there are ample opportunities for your senior leaders to practice new skills and stay on track towards achieving your organisational goals.

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Invest in your senior leaders’ professional growth with RWP’s Executive Coaching and lead your organisation confidently into a more resilient and sustainable future.

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