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How Food Affects Mood

Find out how to boost your mind and body resilience with the right nutrition.


1 Video, 12:20

How Exercise Can Boost Body & Mind

Small and simple strategies that reap HUGE rewards.


1 Video, 15:30

5 Top Tips For Quality Sleep

Power up your resilience as you sleep


1 Video, 8:20

Conscious Relaxation Method

Three easy steps to mental, emotional, and physical calmness.




Take One

Release physical and mental tension even when you only have a minute!


1 Video, 1:30

Take Two

Release stress and ground yourself in just two minutes.


1 Video, 2:15

Take Five

Quickly reset and get into a positive state of mind.


1 Video, 5:25

Take Twenty

Melt away mental and emotional tension in this deeply relaxing 20 minute guided journey.


1 Video, 21:15

The Energiser

Burst through lethargy and get the energy flowing.


1 Video, 5:30

Evening Wind Down

The perfect wind down at the end of a busy day.


1 Video, 8:00
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