How Exercise Can Boost Body & Mind

There’s no doubt moving your body is good for you in three areas of your wellbeing:-

Physically – giving you energy and reducing many health risks, even helping you feel more self-confident as your body strengthens and you have easier movement and more flexibility

Mentally – by improving your cognitive function, enhancing your memory and making you more alert and sharp

Emotionally – by reducing stress, anxiety and depression and helping you become more of a resilient and well person.

Karl Shirley is an ex Senior Leader, ex semi professional footballer and is now a Mental Health Champion for the charity MIND

I work as an electrical engineer and travel a lot with my job, sitting in cars for long journeys. This audio is a great reminder of the importance of movement in staying well and healthy. Thank you so much

~ John, JEMCOM Security


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How Exercise Can Boost Body & Mind

Karl Shirley

Karl is committed to the idea that mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing in our quest to maintain a happy and fulfilling life. Having recently been touched by suicide and mental wellbeing challenges, Karl is driven to raise awareness and reduce the stigma attached to these topics. 

Karl has enjoyed a long and successful career as a Senior Manager in several roles within the automotive industry, and fully understands the pressures put upon us. In today’s modern world – with this pressure and expectation from society – it is imperative we better understand our own and others mental wellbeing.Many people find it difficult to start conversations around difficult issues when we encounter them. Not knowing what to say even though they really would like to help. 

Through open engagement, Karl can explore how to maintain your own and other people’s mental wellbeing, and not be afraid to discuss suicide and the aftermath that it brings.

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