Tianne Croshaw

Tianne is the founder of Resilience Wellbeing Partnership. She is a highly experienced Resilience Consultant working across a number of business sectors, and an expert in delivering corporate programmes.

She achieves this by homing in on leadership support. Why? Because leaders make the decisions and can have a much greater impact on stress and resilience than perhaps they realise.

Tianne Croshaw​

Founder and CEO of Resilience Wellbeing Partnership
Over the last nearly 20 years Tianne has developed and along with her team delivered leadership and employee programmes with a number of UK based pharmaceutical companies as well as with organisations in the rail, automobile and retail industry, She has also supported leadership in the charity sector and the Royal Navy helping management improve their own resilience levels and recognise and improve their impact and influence on their people. 
Tianne was a part of a programme to reduce stress and anxiety absenteeism figures from a high 8% to 0% across a pharmaceutical site for the three full years the Resilience Programme ran for. 

Tianne is also a contributing author to the thought-provoking ‘Organisational Change Explained.’

We are so much more than a training provider. We are a team of highly passionate and highly experienced people in our field. All driven to share the tools, techniques and life hacks that will really make a difference to leaders, managers and employees on a long-term basis. Resilience Wellbeing Partnership was founded by Tianne Croshaw with one sole mission in mind: to help create workplaces where everyone can communicate openly, feel safe to do so and to flourish And yet a people-focused mission doesn’t have to come at the expense of the bottom line.

Never has resilience leadership been more needed than in 2020. Our current research demonstrates that many employees are feeling challenged by the uncertainty of the future. It is the leadership that people look to for guidance and as a way to behave resiliently. Yet leaders are people too. Our offering is specifically designed to help cultivate resilience from the ‘top-down’, thereby equipping leaders with the skills to better support others.”

Our team of Resilience Specialists:

Andy Ryder

Resultant & Habiteer

Olivia Stefanino

Creator of the ‘Money Types Emotional Profiling’ system, Financial Wellbeing Specialist and Author

Simon Yates

CFPTM Chartered MCSI DipPFS - Financial Guidance Specialist

Marie Orford


Jacqui Hazell

Faciltator and Master Coach: Leadership - Strategy - Culture

Dr. Susie Mitchell

Growth & Leadership Strategist

Dr. Sian Rowsell

Personal Performance Coach/Small Business Coach of the Year 2017

Garry Sanderson

Leadership and Behavioural Consultant

Mark Ashton

Inspiring Coach and Mentor

Sandy Juric

CBT Psychotherapist

Shila Jassal

Happiness and Wellbeing Coach

Steve Hoblyn

Nutritionist Workplace Mental Health & Advisor/Exec, Team and Systemic Coach / Co- Author Amazon Best Seller “Unlocked”

Karl Shirley

Grief and Suicide Companion, Individual Wellbeing Advisor and Facilitator

Cath Davis

Burnout Specialist

Elissa Dobson

Menopause Specialist and coach

Matt Kelvie

Health & WellBeing Specialist

Sheena Thomson

Leadership, Risk and Crisis Communications Expert

John Fox

Senior Pharmaceutical Manager

Jacqui Wilmshurst

MSc PhD CPsychol AFBPsS

Sarah Mallinson

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist & Associate Naturopath
Andy Ryder

“Achieving the results you desire is less about knowing what to do; It is more about doing what you (already) know (as a habit)”

Andy is an energetic change manager with infectious enthusiasm. He has 20 years’ experience of facilitating training, from the Apprentice Association at Rolls Royce to top-level management coaching at an international airport. He has performed sales and leadership training internationally for multi-national organisations, predominantly in the IT industry Andy’s varied engineering, naval officer training and business backgrounds have served him well. He is a natural leader who enthuses change into reality and continues to breathe life into organisational projects. He is repeatedly invited back to deliver training and his new clients mostly stem from existing customers’ recommendations. 
From 1999-2001 Andy held the position of Country Manager of “PROIN SL” in Spain. He helped expand this existing Austrian/German “Distinguished Level” CISCO Systems training provider on the Iberian Peninsula with offices in Barcelona and Madrid. The company achieved 35% market share in its first 18 months of operation.    
Clients include: IBM, SAP, Siemens & Alshaya Enterprises (Kuwait)
Olivia Stefanino

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

Olivia has been on the fringes of the world of business and finance for more than two decades – initially as a journalist and subsequently as a speaker, executive coach and leadership trainer. 

Her belief is that money is a medium for life – and that when we understand our emotional relationship with money, everything else in life suddenly begins to make sense. Several years ago, Olivia created the intriguing ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling tool – which reveals what money has to teach us about ourselves at an emotional and psychological level.

Author of “Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!” and “The Money Types Guidebook”, Olivia has been interviewed numerous times on radio and has been featured in “The Guardian”, the “Financial Times” and in a variety of other publications. 

Clients include: Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, MBNA, Genus, Virgin Trains, Norwich Union Healthcare, Hutchison 3G, British Aerospace Consultancy, AMEC, Welsh Development Agency and Calypso Soft Drinks. She has also worked with The Princes’ Trust, ChildLine, Claire House and the Donna Louise Hay Hospice. 

Simon Yates

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”~ Carl Jung

With a background in lifestyle-focused financial planning, Simon is passionate about financial education – and helping people to improve their relationship with money. 
As managing Director of Enlightened Money, Simon is also an Ambassador for the ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system. A qualified Mountain Leader, he’s passionate about business growth, personal development, mountains and helping people to make friends with Money.
Marie Orford

“Making the move towards healthier foods means you are choosing to care for your body, your loved-ones and the also planet’s well-being”. ~ Unknown

As a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist, Marie is proud to have impacted on
many stakeholders and countless individual patients and clients during her
varied career, over the past 30 plus years.
With extensive experience in clinical and public health nutrition and
communication, she has lead projects and teams and worked with individual
patients and groups to support healthy sustainable food choices.
Past roles include working in areas of economic deprivation, and high rates or
cardiovascular disease and diabetes, to improve access to healthy food and
related skills; supporting people in their own homes with malnutrition and
frailty; leadership and team development; education and mentoring. Marie is
currently a Specialist in Type 2 Diabetes.
She has partnered with RWP since its inception to provide nutrition insights
and content based on current research and recent innovations, with an
interest in eating for planet and as well as personal mental and physical
wellbeing. Clients include: Bard, Recipharm, NHS Trusts, Clinical
Commissioners, GPs, Healthcare staff and teams and patients in localities
throughout the UK.
Jaqui Hazell

“Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

As an accredited Executive Coach and facilitator Jacqui works with Senior Leaders to enhance Leadership capability , develop constructive cultures and align to their Strategy. To this end – she is dedicated to helping Leaders develop and embed individual,Team and Organisational  resilience. She believes passionately that a coaching style of Leadership is a key enabler to all of this. 
Dr. Susie MItchell

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away”

Susie has been supporting people to recapture the vitality, passion, renewed habits, and powerful abundance in their lives for over 20 years. She has had the privilege of working with celebrities, to top sports professionals, from diverse industries to traditional companies.
Susie wholeheartedly believes that Continuous Personal or Professional Development is Not a Luxury- its an absolute NECESSITY. Using her experience and expertise, she harnesses the power of continuous professional development to make big impacts in this world of business. By helping others to deeply understand what truly matters to them, she helps others to live an exceptional life.  
Susie is the author of ‘Sat Nav for the Soul’ and ‘The S Word’, both of which can be found on Amazon. She regularly consults on BBC radio nationwide and Amazon platforms.
Clients include: Morgan Stanley, Grant Thornton, Luxury Hotel Chains, Luxury Retail, Direct Selling Companies, Direct Sales, Manufacturing, Shipping, Wealth Management, Internet Companies to name a few!
Dr. Sian Rowsell

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” ~ Unknown

Having had a very successful and varied career in pharmaceuticals (mentoring, change leadership, continuous improvement, team leadership, project and portfolio management across global cross-functional teams), Sian has chosen to do full time what she really loves: coaching and facilitation.
Sian is an award-winning coach, helping women who are leaders in science forge ahead in their careers, realise their full potential and achieve the perfect work/life balance.
As a coach, she loves helping people define and realise their dreams, empowering teams and individuals to achieve their goals and adapt effectively to change.
The coaching relationship is a special and powerful connection, and Sian brings her personal blend of professional experience, crystal-clear perspective, and genuine warmth to every session.
Clients include: National Physical Laboratory, Vocalink Mastercard, Serco, AstraZeneca, Samaritans, Micro Rainbow International, SpringMist, Amtri Veritas, Tecrea
Garry Sanderson

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion” ~ W. Edwards Deming

Garry supports progressive leaders to adapt their organisations, positively influence their people and their customers and deliver results in the rapidly changing business environment.

Through executive leadership roles in global professional service organisations, he has successfully led significant operations, major growth initiatives and global change programmes in the UK and USA. In doing so, he became passionate about the human, social and behavioural aspects that are the key to business success yet are so often poorly understood. With more than 25 years of industry experience, he brings a unique blend of practical solution development, global leadership skills and the application of cutting-edge behavioural insights.

Clients include:United Utilities, Stantec, Ricardo Energy & Environment, Fortum

Mark Ashton

“Serve to lead”~ the motto of Sandhurst Army Officer Training College

Mark has 35 years’ experience in sales and management consulting in scientific, technical/digital, engineering and manufacturing sectors. His passion is helping executives and leadership teams to overcome difficult business challenges and improve their own performance. He does this mainly in startup and high growth companies, as he particularly enjoys working with younger, less experienced leaders and managers with great potential who need support and development from a trusted, confidential sounding board.  

For five years Mark ran a high growth business in the USA. He has strong connections there, through which he helps UK businesses to export and grow business. 

Clients include: Contriber (Estonia), Fitlap (Estonia), Europe Snacks Kolak, Syngenta AG
Sandy Juric

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Sandy has worked in the field of mental health and addiction for most of her working life and feel enormously privileged when someone chooses to share their life story with her.  Seeking help and change takes a great deal of courage. Sandy’s passion for wellbeing leads her to explore and build on her qualifications and experiences so that she can meet her clients with compassion and the right tools to help them to meet their goals.  Sandy’s aim is to offer her clients therapy that is flexible and meets their needs within a respectful, confidential and safe place.  Sandy believes that life is a journey and she am grateful to be able to join her clients on their journeys.
For Sandy, her journey has involved working with a series of employers including local authority, charities such as Rethink and Turning Point, addiction services (both private and public), the NHS, private healthcare providers such as AXA, Aviva and WPA and ad hoc, fixed- term work with local organisations.
Shila Jassal

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” ~ Albert Schweitzer

Shila is a respected motivational speaker and happiness and well-being coach. She delivers webinars to organisations and has won reward and recognition for her talks, most recently via  the Ministry of Justice.

As well as being a speaker and life coach, Shila is also an established counsellor, specialising in bereavement, loss and trauma, as well as a mentor, mediator and complimentary therapist.

Shila teaches people how to access their soul’s wisdom, create a miraculous life and be happy from the inside out. 
Steve Hoblyn

“Fight, Love, Persevere.” ~ Peter Speake-Marin

Steve works with a broad range of global and local organisations across a variety of corporate and charitable sectors working in mental health and wellbeing strategy and training.

Steve brings together professional and a personal lived experience of managing and supporting mental ill health in the workplace. Having trained initially in psychology, he is an experienced executive and team coach, working additionally as a therapeutic coach following significant additional training in transactional analysis counselling. He is an MHFA England Mental Health First Aid Instructor, a Suicide First Aid associate tutor, a mental health speaker and advocate, an ambassador for the charity MQ, and a Fellow of the RSA. He is the co-founding member of the Association of Mental Health Advocates and is a co-author of the Amazon Best Seller “Unlocked: From Surviving to Thriving” curated by Sadie Restorick.

Before beginning his own business in 2017 his corporate life spanned over 20 years, moving directly from life as an outdoor educator to working as a consultant in the Human Capital practices at Big 5 professional services firms, later becoming a Reward Manager in the FMCG sector, and then holding a variety of roles in the Pharmaceutical sector culminating in an Executive Director HR role for Europe, Middle East, and Africa working and traveling regionally and globally.

Karl Shirley

“To kick ass you first have to lift your foot” ~ Jen Sincero

Karl is committed to the idea that mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing in our quest to maintain a happy and fulfilling life. Having recently been touched by suicide and mental wellbeing challenges, Karl is driven to raise awareness and reduce the stigma attached to these topics. 
Karl has enjoyed a long and successful career as a Senior Manager in several roles within the automotive industry, and fully understands the pressures put upon us. In today’s modern world – with this pressure and expectation from society – it is imperative we better understand our own and others mental wellbeing.
Many people find it difficult to start conversations around difficult issues when we encounter them. Not knowing what to say even though they really would like to help. 
Through open engagement, Karl can explore how to maintain your own and other people’s mental wellbeing, and not be afraid to discuss suicide and the aftermath that it brings.
Cath Davis

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl R. Rogers

It’s not always easy to take that first step, but finding time to explore and untangle any challenging issues such as burnout, is a step towards rebalancing your life. As your counsellor, Cath will provide the therapy relationship you need to help you work through what is going on for you and for you to make change. Her approach is person-centred, accepting and intuitive, providing a safe and calm listening space for you. Together you will explore new ways of seeing and doing things, so that your challenges can be better managed. Cath’s way of working is designed for you to make change in the shortest possible time while building foundations for lasting improvements.

Elissa Dobson

“My passionate belief is that business can be fun, it can be conducted with love and a
powerful force for good.”

Elissa’s mission is to Engage, Educate & Empower all employees about Menopause. As well as being our coach, she runs fantastic virtual and live workshops and programmes to create vital awareness in the workplace. Helping your organisation to become menopause friendly

Sheena Thomson

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

– Dwight D Eisenhower, 34th President of the USA


Sheena is a leadership, risk and crisis communications expert specialising in complex issues guiding and advising clients though their most challenging times. She is on a mission to empower, guide and mentor organisations to improve risk mitigation and promote crisis avoidance. This is intrinsically linked to stamina, resilience and wellbeing – all of which is essential when under intense scrutiny and pressure.

Sheena began her career in military human resources and media operations as a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy, where she mastered the ability to craft clear communication of a complex subject matter in dynamic and challenging settings. Since leaving the Royal Navy, Sheena has held senior multi-sector communication roles in both the government and corporate sectors, including 11 years overseas in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


John Fox

“Through meditation and coaching, I’ve seen how cultivating awareness can lead to transformative personal growth. My hope is to support others to embark on this journey towards greater focus, joy and peace.”


John is a senior manager for a pharmaceutical company who is passionate about the benefits of meditation for wellbeing. He has been delivering monthly guided meditation sessions to his colleagues for the last two years. 

John’s interest in meditation began over a decade ago and was further ignited in 2019 when he attended a silent retreat led by the world-renowned spiritual teacher, Adyashanti. As a qualified level 5 coach, John utilizes his expertise in mindfulness principles to help others achieve their personal and professional goals.

He is dedicated to assisting individuals in discovering greater clarity, focus, and fulfilment in all aspects of their lives through the use of meditation and coaching to facilitate greater awareness.


Jacqui Wilmshurst

“Life comes at us fast, but the most resilient recognise when they take a hit, adapt in the face of change and are unapologetic about their need for rest and recuperation.” – Jacqui Wilmshurst.

Dr Jacqui Wilmshurst is a Senior Consultant and a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. She specialises in leadership development, resilience, neurodiversity, and Psychological Health & Safety in the workplace.

Before choosing self-employment she has been a military officer, a helicopter pilot, an academic research psychologist and a senior corporate leader including in several FTSE 100 companies. To enhance her work, she draws also from her own experience of life as a late-diagnosed autistic/ADHD woman, and from managing and healing from trauma.

Jacqui has a passion for broadening her perspectives in as many ways as possible and has built a global portfolio including UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, the Balkans, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, India, China and Singapore.


Sarah Mallinson

The answers are right there in front of us, we just don’t see them


Sarah is passionate about helping people understand the power and influence that food and lifestyle can have on their own health in particular, around brain health.
General wellbeing, memory and mood are all dependent on the functioning of our brain. Sarah leads groups with a specifically created Nutritional & Lifestyle medicine programme, designed to optimise brain health and cognitive function.

She supports clients on a one-to-one basis where she ‘gets curious on their behalf’, looking at their health symptoms and history from a holistic perspective, drawing on both ancient wisdoms & teachings and the latest functional medicine research. Sarah also loves helping people in workshops understand the influence they can have on their own health and seeing the impact positive changes can make at home and in the workplace.

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