Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

We are proud to be partnering with the Railway Children to do our bit to support the incredible work this charity does with vulnerable young people in India, Africa and the UK.

Every time a customer makes a purchase from our Wellbeing Shop, RWP will donate 25% to the charity.

Helping others Wellbeing whilst supporting your own!

Our social responsibility 

We stand for people and the planet, and we are committed to becoming a better business for our customers, our partners and the earth. 

We are proud of our ethical standards and are passionate about the environment.

As we all know, there is a lot to do in terms of getting things right. We don’t consider that we are perfect, but we are doing our best and doing our bit.

By following our hearts and making better choices, we feel like we are getting there, day by day. 

Here are some of the practices RWP follows to keep us on track.

Unticking boxes 

We work with many small businesses, charities and larger organisations that offer employment opportunities to their communities. Before working with any new company, we always make sure that they wish to provide a true resilience and well-being solution to their workforce, rather than a tick box exercise. We are not about ticking boxes. 


It’s a big job, but we always work hard to minimise the environmental aspect of our work. This includes offering – as an option – all of our workshops online to minimise travel and the impact on the planet.

We are entirely paperless, and many of the team are vegetarian or working towards a fully plant-based lifestyle. Similarly, we have employed the services of an Eco Influencer to ensure we are up to date with the most important ways to make a difference. 

Using our privilege 

We know we are privileged to live in a safe country where we can work and thrive. And that in many places across the world, this is far from the case. 

We have chosen The Railway Children as our charity partner as their work supporting some of the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in India, Eastern Africa, and the UK is close to our hearts. We support their work by offering free workshops and coaching to their amazing team, and by donating a % of every sale to help them continue to do great work.

Proud to retain the human touch 

With the world increasingly digitalised, the impact on human connection is considerable. We advocate for and support the continuation of true connection and honest relationships as a way to maintain and enhance resilience.

Where we are going 

Today the business is run by Tianne Croshaw, together with a fabulous team of associates and creatives. Our goal is to run a business that uses its voice to make positive change worldwide. 

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