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Banish the blue

Banish The Blues

Tips and a technique to feel more in control


1 Video, 22:37

WellBeing At Work

How Food Affects Mood

Find out how to boost your mind and body resilience with the right nutrition.


1 Video, 12:20

How Exercise Can Boost Body & Mind

Small and simple strategies that reap HUGE rewards.


1 Video, 15:30

5 Top Tips For Quality Sleep

Power up your resilience as you sleep


1 Video, 8:20

The Energiser

Burst through lethargy and get the energy flowing.


1 Video, 5:30


Take Two

Release stress and ground yourself in just two minutes.


1 Video, 2:15

Take Five

Quickly reset and get into a positive state of mind.


1 Video, 5:25

Take Twenty

Melt away mental and emotional tension in this deeply relaxing 20 minute guided journey.


1 Video, 21:15

Evening Wind Down

The perfect wind down at the end of a busy day.


1 Video, 8:00
Banish the blue

Banish The Blues

Tips and a technique to feel more in control.


1 Video, 22:37

Five Layers Meditation

This calming 16:30 minute track is filled with quiet space for you to tune in to.  


1 Video, 16:39

Daily Tracks – One Week to Master Your Mind


Monday Motivator

Perfect for: Anyone who could benefit from a reflective practice in their working life, before a new week begins.


1 Audio/Video, 6:05

Check In Tuesday

Perfect for: Anyone who starts the week with good intentions but has a tendency to veer off track when things get busy or stressful.


1 Audio/Video, 4:26
Winning Wednesday

Winning Wednesday

Perfect for: Anyone in the workplace who needs a touch of encouragement as the week progresses to get back on track and work towards a successful week.


1 Audio/Video, 3:44
Thursday thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Perfect for: Anyone who needs a real injection of positive as they head towards the end of the week.


1 Audio/Video, 4:22

Feel Good Friday

Perfect for: Anyone who needs a gentle nudge to help celebrate their successes at the end of a busy week.


1 Audio/Video, 03:44

Resilience @ Work - Booster Audios

Master Being Present and Grounded

Perfect for: Anyone who may need to take time out to relax the mind and refocus for the day ahead, get ready for an important meeting or presentation, or de-stress at the end of a busy day.


1 Audio/Video, 8:59

‘Your Wellbeing Matters’ Affirmations

Perfect for: Resilience-conscious leaders and managers who are committed to leading a healthy and productive team.


1 Audio/Video, 5:24

Morning Mindset Guided Meditation

Perfect for: Anyone who is wishing to start their working day off in a positive frame of mind.


1 Audio/Video, 5:27

Productivity Power-Up

Perfect for: Anyone in a busy role, who is juggling multiple projects, deadlines or demands who need a fast yet powerful boost throughout the day.


1 Audio/Video, 09:08

Confidence Booster

Perfect for: Anyone in the workplace who needs a quick confidence boost ahead of an important presentation, appraisal or client review meeting.


1 Audio/Video, 04:18

Energy Enhancer

Perfect for: Anyone who experiences that all-too-familiar energy slump mid-morning or mid- afternoon in the office, who may religiously reach for a caffeine hit or a sugary snack to get through the next task. Instead, why not learn to power-up the resilient way?


1 Audio/Video, 05:19

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