Banish the Blues

We can all feel a bit low, out of sorts’ or a little overwhelmed at times. This is normal.

This 30 minute video is with our Sleep Specialist – Dr Sian interviewing the RWP Founder and Resilience Coach – Tianne Croshaw around tips and techniques to help banish those feelings.

If you are experiencing clinical anxiety or depression do consult your physician for medical advice.
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Banish the Blues

Tianne Croshaw

This video has been designed and narrated by Tianne Croshaw, a highly experienced Stress Management Consultant, Master Hypnotherapist and Resilience Specialist. Tianne has worked with many companies and thousands of individuals for nearly two decades and is passionate in sharing the simple tools, techniques and strategies for a better life in the workplace




Tianne Croshaw · February 23, 2021

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