How Food Affects Mood

In this day and age, it is common knowledge what we should be eating to remain healthy, strong and to boost our immune system. This video piece written by Marie Orford who is a Dietician with over thirty years of experience within the National Health Service in the UK goes beyond that knowledge. She shares:-

  • How food works to support resilience of both body and brain – so you know about the main key processes you can’t see or feel

  • What steps might suit you as an individual or member of a family, towards making a positive difference to overall wellbeing

  • That studies show a direct ‘dose-response’ relationship between quality of diet and risk of common mental and physical health problems, so even small changes, which you can build on later, can make a difference.

  • Reminders that your body is naturally adaptive, amazing and resilient.

I work for a therapy centre and deal with a lot of challenging situations. Knowing how to fuel my body to support this difficult work has really helped me to stay well and support my clients to the best of my ability

~ Anna, therapy centre manager, Cheshire


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How Food Affects Mood

Marie has over 30 years experience as a dietitian in the NHS and Further Education. She has undertaken clinical and public health roles, as a trainer, mentor, facilitator and manager; and presented nutritional topics in both the public and private sector to varied audiences.

Her current NHS role is as a Diabetes Specialist working with GPs and Nurses to support people living with diabetes and cardiovascular conditions in the community. Her nutrition and health interests are wide ranging and include intuitive eating, sustainable and plant based diets, eating for short-term and long-term health benefits, including the impact of poor sleep, stress and aging.

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