Check In Tuesday

A healthy check in to keep you on track early in the week

Day 2 of How to Master Your Mind

This 5-minute audio provides you with the perfect opportunity to check in with your wellbeing and resilience levels before the week runs away with you.

Take a look at whether you’re still on track to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself for the week. Are you making progress towards achieving them and if not, what tweaks can you make? And whether you you are stretching, moving, exercising, and fuelling your body with good nutrition to support your resilience levels.

It’s only Tuesday, and so there’s plenty of chance to get back on track if some bad habits are creeping into your week early on.

Perfect for: Anyone who starts the week with good intentions but has a tendency to veer off track when things get busy or stressful.


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Check In Tuesday

About our audio creation
Our powerful range of audio downloads have been expertly produced by audio engineer Maxim Croshaw.

Carefully pairing the voice of Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Tianne Croshaw with specific sonic techniques utilised by Maxim, a deeply immersive experience is created time and time again. By selecting the right binaural beats frequencies (alpha, delta or theta) Maxim has ensured that each audio will help take you to the mind state or feeling you wish to create, whether that be deep relaxation or meditation, higher energy, mental clarity or confidence.

When you hear two different tones, one in each ear, that are different in frequency, your brain processes a beat at the difference of the frequency. This is known as a Binaural Beat. Historically these beats have been used in music and sometimes are useful in tuning instruments. More recently however, they have been connected with health benefits, specifically in reducing anxiety and pain, promoting wellbeing and relaxation, and increasing creativity, focus and concentration.

Maxim also utilises immersive audio to create a deeply convincing sonic landscape. Ambisonic recordings, and 3D audio software plug-ins such as sennheiser AMBEO allow the listener to leave the outside world, outside of the headphones, and indulge in the rich auditory world within. The final core principle that Maxim has used when designing these audios is the principles of classic musical theory. Each musical key/scale has a certain characteristic which can be linked to different emotions. When deciding on the outcome the audio is trying to achieve, Maxim has carefully picked which musical scale to reside in.

About Maxim Croshaw
Maxim studied Electronic Music Production at DBS for three years and has been producing music at a professional level for 5 years. He spent two years researching how music and sound affects human emotion and physiology.

Maxim is a freelance creator. If you’re interested in a collaboration with Maxim then you can get in touch by email to [email protected] , or by phone on 07803 830407.


Tianne Croshaw · June 10, 2023

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