Five top Tips to Better Quality Sleep

Why is it so important to pay attention to the quality and quantity of our sleep?

Dr Ron Chervin – Professor of Neurology at the University of Michigan Sleep Disorder Centre says of getting more and better sleep, few other interventions could have such an inexpensive and cost effective impact on our quality of life, productivity, happiness and health.

Our RW Specialist Dr Sian Rowsell shares simple life hacks and tips to:-

  • Learn the life hacks and small sustainable changes you can make to improve the quality AND quantity of your sleep

  • Understand why we must bother? – Getting sufficient good quality sleep helps us look better, feel better, perform better, have better reaction times, make better decisions, learn more, remember more and have fun!

  • Realise that just 30 minutes of extra sleep can up students test scores

‘I struggle with insomnia and have previously had sleeping tablets from my GP. The guidance in this audio is priceless and has been life-changing for me. I know understand sleep hygiene and have made the suggestions into new evening habits’

~ Senior Consultant in the IT Sector 


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Five top Tips to Better Quality Sleep

Dr. Sian Rowsell

Having had a very successful and varied career in pharmaceuticals (mentoring, change leadership, continuous improvement, team leadership, project and portfolio management across global cross-functional teams), Sian has chosen to do full time what she really loves: coaching and facilitation. Sian is an award-winning coach, helping women who are leaders in science forge ahead in their careers, realise their full potential and achieve the perfect work/life balance.As a coach, she loves helping people define and realise their dreams, empowering teams and individuals to achieve their goals and adapt effectively to change. The coaching relationship is a special and powerful connection, and Sian brings her personal blend of professional experience, crystal-clear perspective, and genuine warmth to every session. Clients include: National Physical Laboratory, Vocalink Mastercard, Serco, AstraZeneca, Samaritans, Micro Rainbow International, SpringMist, Amtri Veritas, Tecrea

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