Take Two

Another powerful audio that can be listened to between meetings or during coffee or lunch breaks. Great for an emotional, mental and physical rest, and particularly useful for use before stressful situations.

Take Two offers listeners the chance to slow down, let go and fully engage in moments of self-care. By taking two minutes out, listeners:

  • Fully oxygenate their blood
  • Improve memory, focus and concentration
  • Better handle stress and challenging situations with colleagues
  • Let go of tension and stress that the body is holding
  • Slow down their heart rate
Please be aware that these audios can be mind-state altering, and so it is essential that listeners refrain from using while driving or operating heavy machinery. If you have any medical conditions or are unsure please consult your physician before listening.

I’m the owner of a food brand and always on the go doing a million things. After deciding to focus on my health I have been listening to this audio whenever I need a moment to take stock. It’s great when I need to make decisions.

~ Founder and CEO


Product Includes

  • 1 Video

Take Two

Tianne Croshaw

This video has been designed and narrated by Tianne Croshaw, a highly experienced Stress Management Consultant, Master Hypnotherapist and Resilience Specialist. Tianne has worked with many companies and thousands of individuals for nearly two decades and is passionate in sharing the simple tools, techniques and strategies for a better life in the workplace

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