The Energiser

There are times when we all can experience a dip in our energy levels. Perhaps after a rough night’s sleep or family demands, or in anticipation of a challenging conversation or important meeting ahead.  Resilient people have learned the art of ‘master-minding.’

We can train our mind to tap into the energy that naturally flows through us when we allow it to do so. Quantum Physics tells us that every cell in our bodies are vibrating with a natural frequency. When we are out of synch with that natural frequency, life can feel like an uphill struggle and tiring. Whereas when we consciously decide to tune into the sound vibrations and engage with vibrant visuals, our body resonates giving us the fuel we ned to embrace the day, or phase ahead, with greater energy

Just watching and listening to this 7 minute video will give you the injection of energy you need when you need it the most.

I work in sales and suffer from that well-known midday slump. The energiser gives me a great boost in the afternoon to power through to the end of the day

~ Lesley, Sales Manager


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The Energiser

Tianne Croshaw

This video has been designed and narrated by Tianne Croshaw, a highly experienced Stress Management Consultant, Master Hypnotherapist and Resilience Specialist. Tianne has worked with many companies and thousands of individuals for nearly two decades and is passionate in sharing the simple tools, techniques and strategies for a better life in the workplace

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